Sunday, August 31, 2014

EDITORIAL: Casting SHAZAM Correctly in the Cinematic Universe

 The casting....

In my and many others opinions the beauty of Shazam, whether you realize it consciously or not... stems from the fact that he is a little child who, when the word is spoken becomes a young adult who is in his prime, physically, mentally, etc.... A YOUNG ADULT...whether that was the initial intention when the character was written...I do no know...but that is how he has come to be perceived by fans when he is read, and that is how he has even come to be portrayed in the comic book...and movie ('s a lot easier to see as well) mediums. [You'll see that compared to Superman he looks younger, seeing as he logically is] That beauty is lost when a 14 year old becomes a 45 year old goes from being very cool to very weird...but also it takes the "cool I'm in my prime now...I’m jacked and I have all these powers!" aspect of casting someone 28-33 and replaces it (if you cast someone older) with "cool?...powers?...why am I in this old guys body?" Another thing to add when casting him is that he is indeed shorter than Black Adam but extremely broad. That is why my PERSONAL choice is Kellan Lutz...who I will dive into later in this write up.

EDITORIAL: How to Perpetuate a CBM Universe without Rebooting

I personally think both Marvel and DC should "James Bond" their film characters, if an actor gets to old, or replaced for other reasons the film series shouldn't acknowledge the change and just keep moving, no reboot or difficult time travel anomaly you agree???

Saturday, August 30, 2014

EDITORIAL: Logically Casting a CW Red Hood

Here we are again...logically casting a CW Red Hood...I have reviewed many suggestions...and compiled a list to give the David Henrie naysayers a vote...all these choices fall under the same conditions mentioned in this editorial...

*Update - after a 7 day poll that totaled views from (according to Facebook) 7,000+ viewers, David Henrie has won the poll*

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

EDITORIAL: Choosing the LOGICAL Dick Grayson and Hal Jordan for the CW

Dick Grayson and Hal Jordan, aside from minor personality traits are very similar are the most logical casting choices for each character, were they to appear on a CW show...comment your combo choice by using the letter (of the hero) and the number (of the actor).

If your interested in how the CW could do a GL show check:

If your interested in the casting logic for Hal Jordan check:

EDITORIAL: Are the Colors Needed????